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p/s: "Lindungi kesedihan dengan senyuman meskipun dihati penuh kedukaan kerana itu menunjukkan adanya kegembiraan"




time is very we in February....wauu i miss my beloved village..yess next week i will go back to my beloved home...wahhh so long u know i never go back to my home....well2 "hidup di perantauan la katakan"..=)let's go!!!..Holiday!!

today i feel so tired..i don't know body is so tired...."sakit kepala"...many thing we must do!! assignment! test! actvt at college!! busy for this month...but...dont take it as a "beban"..take it as experience and normally as a student..hehehe..go..go..chaiyok!!!

P/s: Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; Responsibility for all your actions



Good evening all .... today I want to share some information related to nutrition or blueberry blackcureent .. for all knowledge, blueberry and other fruit has nutrients I own. blueeberry nutrients that I can share with you are:
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Specifically, here are four healthy benefits of blueberries:

Improve Neurological Functions
Tufts University neuroscientist James Joseph called the "Blueberry berry-the brain." Studies have shown that blueberries are beneficial for lessening the effects of neurological sicknesses.

Prevents Cholesterol Build Up
The second benefit derived from healthy blueberries is that it prevents the build up of cholesterol and stops blood cots from forming in the body.

Improves eyesight
The third healthy benefits of blueberries is that it can improve your eyesight and prevent age related loss of vision, as studies conducted have shown in Europe.

Urinary Tract Health
The fourth healthy benefits of blueberries is that it keeps your urinary tract healthy by stopping bacteria from lining your bladder walls.

Reap the full benefits of healthy eating blueberries by these little wonders freshly washed or mixed in a yogurt-based smoothie.

i like blueberry: jem,bread,cake,cupcakes!!! nyum..nyum..nyum...=)